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Well Who Do Voo Doo - For Las Vegas

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I spoke with my dear friend Mark Reid today as we continue to round up models for the North American Body Painting Championship. You can watch a live feed from the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV February 12-14, 2010. Seventy Artist slots were open to classic brush and airbrush body painting artists to compete for $24,000 in cash prizes. The theme for the preliminary round will be "Around the World". After a selective process by the judges, the final theme will be, "Evolution".

An elite panel of judges has been rounded up Alex Barendregt, Founder and Organizer of the World Body Painting Festival in Seeboden, Austria, Raphaelle and Gary Fieldhouse from Wales, Raphaelle is a two-time winning World Bodypainting Champion. Flippo Ioco and Craig Tracy body artists and often judges at World Body Painting Festival. And Nick Wolfe and Brian Wolfe, popular face art instructors, extreme artists and 2009 winners of the World Body Painting Festival.

While I do compete I do so more for the fellowship and the love of being with so much talent and the sheer fun of the yes, stressful at times, experience. With so many styles from abstract to realism, while techniques can be weighed, and certainly some artworks are more intricate then others ....... there is no doubt it is all about art from the artists heart and soul, and can that really be judged as one being better than the next? No matter, it will wow you and make your toes curl - this is a must see event. Get tickets now!

For a bit of fun artists, models and body painters are invited by one of my favorite brands - Mehron Makeup to an Opening Night After Party, 10 pm at Rio Hotel. A Voo Doo Theme, which will feature Master Body Painter and Mark Reid.

Winners of 2010 World Body Painting Festival Anncounced

Friday, September 17, 2010

What a delight to see the amazing artworks coming from Austria as the 2010 World Body Painting Festival comes to and end.  And as I take delight in friends who have made wonderful rankings and wins I have a heavy heart from friends who have ranked lower than they hoped and worked for.

No matter where one placed the artists have created amazing artworks and all are simply amazing to behold.
  • Category Brush/Sponge:
1) Lucie Brouillard / Canada
2) Fray Scott & Madelyn Greco / USA
3) Utting Carly & DominicSkinner / England
  • Category Airbrush:
1) Kris Bülow / Deutschland & Patrick McCann / USA
2) Chris OBSN Oberheber / Österreich & Mike Shane / Luxembourg
3) Flavio Bosco  & Franco Vanzani / Italy
  • Category Special Effects Bodpainting:
1) Bartram Yolanda / New Zealand  & Alex Hansen / Brazil
2) Ludwig Decarli / Austria
3) Lorie Hamel / USA & Julie A. Fusilier / Canada
  • Category UV Effects
1) United Colours - Petra Tronser / Germany & Fredi Schmid / Switzerland
2) Anna Pogodzinska / Poland
3) Harald & Jaqueline Wolf / Germany
  • Category Facepainting
1) Millot Lymari / Mexico
2) Lucie Brouillard / Canada
3) Viktoria  Schablinger / Austria

Here are just a few more pictures enjoy.

Awaiting The Winners of The World Body Painting Festival Competition

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Everyone is waiting as the winners are soon to be posted for the 2010 World Body Painting Festival Competition.

Here is a photo by Ulf Schering airbrush painted by the every sweet and wonderful Lillian Hopman from Holland. I miss you Lilliana.  And one in classic brush by Brian Wolfe - see you soon Brian.

Please go to the World Body Painting Festival Official Pictures and enjoy the photgraphs taken by Ulf Scherling.


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