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Five Animal Woman Style Body Painting

Monday, July 14, 2014

Five wild animal Woman style body painting
Watch more painting?

Nice Art of Body Painting Collection

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nice Art of Body Painting Collection

Nice Art of Body Painting Collection

Nice Art of Body Painting Collection
Nice and beautiful Art of Body Painting Collection

Marine Sexy Girl - Body Painting

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Marine Sexy Girl - Body PaintingMarine Sexy Girl - Blue Style Body Painting

Well Who Do Voo Doo - For Las Vegas

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I spoke with my dear friend Mark Reid today as we continue to round up models for the North American Body Painting Championship. You can watch a live feed from the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV February 12-14, 2010. Seventy Artist slots were open to classic brush and airbrush body painting artists to compete for $24,000 in cash prizes. The theme for the preliminary round will be "Around the World". After a selective process by the judges, the final theme will be, "Evolution".

An elite panel of judges has been rounded up Alex Barendregt, Founder and Organizer of the World Body Painting Festival in Seeboden, Austria, Raphaelle and Gary Fieldhouse from Wales, Raphaelle is a two-time winning World Bodypainting Champion. Flippo Ioco and Craig Tracy body artists and often judges at World Body Painting Festival. And Nick Wolfe and Brian Wolfe, popular face art instructors, extreme artists and 2009 winners of the World Body Painting Festival.

While I do compete I do so more for the fellowship and the love of being with so much talent and the sheer fun of the yes, stressful at times, experience. With so many styles from abstract to realism, while techniques can be weighed, and certainly some artworks are more intricate then others ....... there is no doubt it is all about art from the artists heart and soul, and can that really be judged as one being better than the next? No matter, it will wow you and make your toes curl - this is a must see event. Get tickets now!

For a bit of fun artists, models and body painters are invited by one of my favorite brands - Mehron Makeup to an Opening Night After Party, 10 pm at Rio Hotel. A Voo Doo Theme, which will feature Master Body Painter and Mark Reid.

Polygonal Curvature Painting

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Polygonal Curvature Painting
January 9, 2007 - New Orleans, LA. Art photography from the latest Tracy Craig at Kelly's body painting, a local model, when he experimented with painting the linear geometry of the curved bodyscape.

gz-bodypainting or John Vargas Clothing Body Painting on Nude Models

Friday, June 25, 2010

John Vargas is an artist who prefers to put paint on nude models rather than on traditional canvas. A unique and talented Vargas paints sports uniforms at some beautiful models. The work already done and then photographed and sold through the site

John Vargas Clothing Body Painting on Nude Models

John Vargas Clothing Body Painting on Nude Models

John Vargas Clothing Body Painting on Nude Models

John Vargas Clothing Body Painting on Nude Models

The photos in full screen erotic tastes. We have been showing the girls his football in this particular post. We shamelessly we get stories from our friends at the CO-ED Magazine (link available below). We also have a video of the artist at work. First, it might be a bit on the side and showing titillating men and women get their paint is applied.

source :

gz-Body Painting or Paratroopers Woman Body Painting

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

paratroppers women body paintingWomen Body painting of paratroopers.
Look at pictures of parachutes in body painting

gz-Body Painting or Sexy Beach wear Body Painting

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

beach wear body paint
A woman painting a section
with beach clothes on his body

gz-Body Painting or Irina Shayk on Beach Body Paint

Monday, May 17, 2010

irina shayk beach body paint
Irina Shayk looks sexy for a photo session for
the body paint Sports Illustrated Swimsuit body painting on the beach.

gz-Body Painting or Improvements

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tonight was another meeting of the northern NJ Face & Body Art Guild, and I was finally able to make it again. I've missed several meetings because of the show and rehearsals. Now that we're out of rehearsals, and in fact there's only one weekend left, I've got time.

And I am now, quite literally, a card-carrying member of the guild!

How cute is that?

This month's meeting was especially valuable, as we had a guest teacher to lead our workshop, Pashur. Yup, the same great guy whose class I took back in November. He's really a great person in addition to being a great artist, and it was fun to see him again.

In addition to a great new parrot design, he showed us ways to really improve our sharks. Plus, I learned this great tattoo-style rose that, when filled in and shaded, is similar to an Ed Hardy look.

Polished up, filled in, shaded, and surrounded by some tribals or thorny vines, this will be a phenomenal addition to my repertoire.

The best part of Pashur's workshops are the games that get you to push your boundaries. One game was to fingerpaint fifteen 3-color roses with a vine, leaves, and a bumblebee... first person to finish won, so we needed to move fast and throw skill and "pretty" out the window. The range of outcomes was hilarious.

Mine was second from the left.

I can't wait to put my new skills and ideas to good use!

gz-bodypainting or Painting for Face Games Make Up

Sunday, April 11, 2010

face painting make up
nice and creative face painting / body painting games make up, this originally face painting make up uploaded by Erwan bazin photographie

Body Painting - Chinese Cheong-sam

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Chinese woman painted in a traditional Cheong-sam outfit.

Japanese Geisha Body Painting

A semi nude participant in World Body Painting Festival with Japanese Geisha theme.

Japanese Geisha Body Painting

Just post, the recommended reading
* World Body Painting Festival - Korea 2008 - Part 2
* World Body Painting Festival - Korea 2008 - Part 1

Body Painting – Ethiopian African Style

A sexy body painted model with the Ethiopian National colors, the AfroSonic (sponsor) logo and body painted bling.

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

More body painted photos of Ethiopian African Style - AfroSonic by AirBrushToronto

Body Painting - Casino

A model with sexy body painting with Casino as the theme.

Body painting - Wild Animal Stripes

Body painting on sexy women. The body painting pattern is not exactly matching any particular animal.

Body painting - Wild Animal Stripes
Black and white animal stripes

Body painting - Wild Animal Stripes
Orange body with black and white stripes.

1999 Swimsuit Body Painting

sexy swimsuit body painting

About this swimsuit body painting:
Year: 1999
Swimsuit: Swimsuit by Swim Fair ($60)
Photographed by: Antoine Verglas
Model: Heidi Klum

Two Sexy and Nice Woman Body Painting

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

two sexy women body paintingYou are looking for two sexy women body painting. originally uploaded by kenkeps

Witchblade Full Back Body Painting

witchblade full back body painting

This is witchblade full back female body painting. He stopped traffic. Surprised? There is a wide circle around him photographing wild. She then said something about visiting the vendors if you are interested in body paint and run. What? He's just a huckster! Nice sales job

originally body painting uploaded by FotoToad

Female Body Painting on The Boxing Ring

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

female purple body painting on the boxing ringPurple style female body painting on the boxing ring. this originally body painting uploaded by dunkel blitz


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