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gz-Body Painting or Go, Rangers!

Monday, April 5, 2010

OK, I'm from NJ, I know. And I'm really a Devils fan. But I married a Rangers fan, and since we met, he'd been talking about me painting a Rangers jersey on his all-white cat, Neptune. Neptune, in addition to being all white, is a lump. He's a sweetheart, snuggly, and likes to lie around. You can mush him to bits and he doesn't care.

So we figured it'd work fine.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell... we found out that Neptune is a little squirmy when being painted for any length of time. I should've known; he will only take licking/cleaning from his sister Catimus for so long before walking away, and I imagine this felt similar. Don't worry, I used all Snazaroo, it's perfectly safe. Child toy safety rated, even. And no animals - not even Neptune - were harmed in the painting of this cat or taking of the photos.

Almost none. My dog, Meg's, feelings were hurt, but she gets like that any time I pay too much attention to one of the cats. But that's it, I promise. And even that was fixed; I painted her head with a NJ Devils logo (not my best work, I admit), and she just lay there the whole time, happy for the attention.

Those sharp edges are just not easy on fur!

gz-Body Painting or I got up at 6:30 this morning.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yes, on a Saturday. I had a good reason, though. I was face painting with two other artists at the Valerie Fund walk in Verona Park this morning.

We were all painting furiously for several hours straight, so I only had a little time to take photos, but here are some of them.

Two princesses and a monster.

A request for a red skeleton that was neither bloody nor angry, so we added glitter. Nothing with glitter could be angry. Except maybe my cat. He glares at me when I get glitter on him.

My first bumblebee in many years.

A shark.

A tiger. As you know, I love it when adults want to get painted.

A request for a unicorn with rainbows, for which I simply didn't have time. Instead, my model compromised with me for a unicorn with a rainbow mane.

My very first werewolf.

And some wildcats. I painted the two on the left; one of the other two artists painted the leopard.


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